How the Croupier Firm works

The Dealer Signature system does not exactly refer to the dealer’s signature or signature as such; but the style he uses when he throws the ball during the game. The important thing about this system is to determine a pattern in the dealer’s movements in a series of spins. That is, your signature.

The strategy of the Dealer Firm is based on the player locating the exact point from which the dealer launches the ball; as well as the angle from which it does so. This with the aim of trying to predict where exactly on the Bonuses roulette wheel the ball will stop. And as a consequence, place the bet on that particular number or zone . That is why it is important that the player always tries to play with the same dealer. And if it is a more experienced one, the better, because they already do their job mechanically.

The Dealer’s Signature system for roulette starts from the idea that, just as all people have a characteristic and particular way of walking, each dealer also has a particular way of throwing the ball. To implement this system, players must have plenty of time to observe the dealer’s movements.

Example of using the Dealer’s Signature

In order for a player to learn to recognize the Dealer’s Signature, it is necessary for him to spend considerable time to be able to analyze all the dealer’s movements. Also, there are some features to consider when using this betting system for roulette:

  • The player must identify at which exact point on the roulette wheel the dealer throws the ball. This involves identifying if you always perform the same movements and follow the same steps before releasing the ball.
  • Another important point when implementing this system is to take into account the launch angle . In all runs it must be similar.
  • Also, the speed at which the ball moves, which in all cases must be similar.

The ideal when using the Dealer’s Signature and same day lend – 24 7 instant cash loans for bad credit is for the player to divide the roulette into 4 game sections. And keep in mind the sections in which the ball stops. Thus, when playing, if on the first throw the ball stopped in section 2, in the second in section 1, in the third again in section 2, and on the fourth in section 3, it is gone observing a pattern.

Advantages of the Croupier’s Firm

The Dealer’s Firm is a roulette betting system that can only be implemented in live roulette ; that is, they have a flesh and blood dealer. It will not be possible to use it in online roulette organic cbd nugs discount code, obviously because they operate using software.

This system offers players a series of advantages, among which are:

  • This system is not based on any type of mathematical progression , so the player does not have to perform complicated calculations.
  • Because it is an observation and prediction system, the player may combine it with any other roulette system . This will increase the chances of making a profit during the game.
  • If the player makes a good study of the dealer and the roulette wheel during a certain number of spins, he will be able to frequently hit the zone in which the ball will land.

Disadvantages of this casino trick

The Croupier’s Firm offers certain advantages when trying to win money at roulette , but it also has some disadvantages.

  • And is that to be able to put it into practice, the player must take some time . Therefore it is not a system that the player can use quickly.
  • In addition, it must be considered that it should always be done with the same dealer . So the playing times will also depend on the time the dealer has.
  • This type of systems such as the Dealer’s Signature are not infallible and can lead to predicting erroneous results that generate losses for the player.

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