How The Labouchere Betting System Works

The placing of bets of the external type are favored by the application of the Labouchere system in casino online. Outside type bets are considered when the player bets on: color, odd or even number, or high or low (1-18 / 19-36).

System setup

  • To properly use this system, the player must establish a budget for placing bets. This is known as determining the bankroll in online betting malaysia.
  • Subsequently, the player must choose the amount of money that he wants to obtain as a profit when betting on roulette. That amount to be obtained must be separated into smaller numbers, forming a sequence. This sequence can have as many numbers as the player wants. It is essential that when adding the numbers that make up the sequence, they result in the amount that the player wants to obtain as a profit.

The betting round begins

  • At the beginning of the betting round, the player must add the extreme numbers of the sequence he constructed. The result of this sum will be the amount that you must bet on that spin of the roulette wheel. In case the player makes a profit on that spin, he must remove the numbers used from the sequence; thus reducing the size of it.
  • To continue with the system application, a new amount must be chosen; then break it down into a sequence and repeat the whole process.
  • In the event that the player does not make a profit on a roulette spin hentai rape, he must add the value of the bet he has just made to the far right of the constructed sequence. This procedure seeks to guarantee that the player can recover the amounts of the bets made. In case the player has a bad streak, the size of the sequence will be increased.

Labouchère Roulette System

Example of use

  • For example, if the player wanted to win € 15 as a prize to implement the Labouchere System. You can create a sequence of the type: 1-1-2-1-1-2-2-2-3.
  • The first bet would be for an amount of € 4. This value is obtained as a result of adding the extreme values ​​of the sequence; that is, 1 plus 3. If the player made a profit, he must remove the values ​​used from the sequence, obtaining: 1-2-1-1-2-2-2.
  • The next bet would be for € 3, value obtained from adding 1 plus 2. If a favorable result was obtained, the extremes of the sequence are eliminated, leaving: 2-1-1-2-2.
  • The next bet would be for € 4, the result of adding: 2 plus 2. If the result is negative, that value should be added to the extreme right of the sequence, leaving: 2-1-1-2-2-4.
  • The next bet would be € 6, and in case of losing the sequence again it would be: 2-1-1-2-2-4-6.

 Advantages of the Labouchere system

When comparing the Labouchere system with other betting systems for playing free or money roulette , the following advantages stand out:

  1. There is no need to wait for favorable results as this system generates profits quickly .
  2. It is a fairly aggressive system that seeks to obtain profits in a short period of time without having to wait for long streaks. It has a very high success rate , compared to other roulette systems. Due to its simplicity it can be applied by any player regardless of their level of experience.


Disadvantages of this betting system

The main drawback of the Labouchere system is that by having to add a value each time the player loses in a spin, the amounts to bet will increase. This is because the new bet amount must cover the previously placed bet. Which means that if the player goes through a losing streak, they must bet a high sum to recover.

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